Weekly Scholarship Alert

You have tried the college scholarship databases and they gave you a list of 500 or more college scholarships, and you just don’t know where to start, so you don’t.

You are in luck.

Weekly Scholarship Alert is the free service that delivers a link to your inbox each week. Follow the link to receive a manageable 5-10 college scholarship announcements.

Will you qualify for all of them? Probably not.

But you will get the scholarships in easy to handle bits, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

You will notice that our list has scholarships for students in grade school through Graduate school and everyone in between, so stay with us until you are finished with your schooling!

In fact, there are twice as many scholarships for students attending college than for high school students, so keep watching our list until your higher education is complete.

The two most common reasons subscribers give for unsubscribing is:

I got accepted to college (you still have 4 years to pay for…)

I don’t qualify for all of these scholarships. (Duh! – Nobody does. Apply for the ones that you do qualify for.)

Searching for college money is a year-round process, not a seasonal event, so you will receive these notices each week, not just during the school year.

We won’t send college scholarships that require you to attend a specific school either.

We also try to give you 4-6 weeks before the deadlines!

Privacy Policy: We will not give, sell, transfer or otherwise let other people get your information. The sponsors of this service will place ads in your weekly list. They will not contact you in any other manner unless you request it.

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No “profiles”.

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You can even make up the first name that you give us.

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