Dr. Elizabeth L. Shoenfelt One Starfish Award

Awards may made in one of the following three areas: 1) Industrial-Organizational Psychology — Must be enrolled as a graduate student to be used for tuition, research, travel expenses, or meals related to the Industrial-Organizational Psychology graduate student role. 2) Women in Sports — Must be enrolled as a graduate student or undergraduate student. Must be a graduate assistant, graduate student, or undergraduate student coach volunteer at WKU for the Volleyball, Women’s Swimming, Women’s Soccer, or Softball teams. 3) Social Justice — Must be enrolled as a graduate student who believes he or she has experienced difficulty, hostility, or adversity during his or her tenure at WKU, with preference given to individuals for whom the experience was related to their membership in an Equal Employment Opportunity protected class or for assisting an individual who believes he or she was treated unfairly because of their protected class membership.

Supplemental Questions
  1. The Shoenfelt One Starfish Award is intended to recognize WKU IO psychology graduate students who have engaged in Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). In about 500 words, please describe the OCB you have engaged in since joining the WKU IO graduate program. That is, what have you done to benefit the program, other IO grad students or faculty, and/or the community as a representative of the IO program?