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Corban Goble

Dr. Corban Goble was born April 21st, 1930, in Eastern Kentucky. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in 1952, at Berea College, a school very near where he grew up. Following his graduation, he married Harriet Cline in November 1953. He then went on to attain his Master’s Degree at UK in 1972, and finally his Doctorate at Indiana University Northwest in 1984. While still in Berea, Goble served as editor of the Berea Citizen Weekly.

Soon after receiving his Doctorate, Dr. Goble began his Hilltopper legacy when he joined the teaching staff at WKU as an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Broadcasting. He soon found a home at WKU, working as a staff member of WKU’s student newspaper, the College Heights Herald, and becoming a devoted member of both the President’s Circle and the Cupola Society. After many years with WKU, Dr. Goble retired in 1996. He currently resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky, enjoying his retirement with Harriet, with whom he has three children: Martha, Jane, and Robert (Bob).

During his time at WKU Dr. Goble became aware of the ever-present need of scholarships, and particularly scholarships directed toward students from Eastern Kentucky. He realized that although some of the department’s scholarship funds were designated for students from specific areas, none existed for the area that is east of Interstate 75. Combining both his passion for education and for his roots in Eastern Kentucky, Dr. Goble started the Corban Goble Journalism Fund in 1997. He established the fund to encourage more students from Eastern Kentucky to come to WKU and to help financially support that decision. This scholarship fund is directed to students from the 48 Kentucky counties that are east of or bisected by I-75 and forever continues Dr. Goble’s legacy on the Hill.